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It all started when Mark appeared on the front cover of The Mirror newspaper looking just like our beloved Prince, and the center page of The Sun newspaper to promote a celebrity get together. Since then Mark has received major coverage from British and European press, Just Seventeen, Hello Magazine, Daily Express, The Enquirer etc.. ​One of his first public performances, was filmed live on the massive British TV program "Star in their Eyes" that was shown all around the world, Mark made history by being the first double to ever appear on the popular TV music show 'Top Of The Pops' he also appeared on so many other famous TV shows at the time including the much loved Christmas Eve Birds of a feather television show, which also included film producer Michael Winner.


You have seen Mark Anthony around, but you just didn't know it!

An exclusive performance in St Petersburg had Mark Anthony as Prince breaking the ice in Russia really creating a new generation of “Tribute Artists”. Mark also performed in all the largest European cities, such as Zurich, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam and Madrid Barcelona, among others...  also included TV and radio interviews.

He has been asked to appear at many movie premieres, such as Naked Gun 2½ at the Empire in London, “Night Mare on Elm Street” and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. etc.. The creator of Hollywood's most famous movie vehicles and props, had him promote the new Batman film, “PartyMan” it was screened from a huge four stage set-up, viewed on T.V. from Barcelona.

BMG made guests of Mark at Wembley Arena when the real Prince came to town, and was invited to the additional shows including Brixton Academy by Prince's management. Mark Anthony had the great pleasure of meeting Prince and some of his fellow band members.

Mark went on to design n create his own stage outfits suits and props, with such Positivity, Creativity, and Unique Talent, you just can’t take credit away from Mark.. Even though Mark Anthony does not call himself a musician, he since taught himself to perform live, sing and play piano and guitar and dance like a professional.. You can’t help but be impressed.

In his normal life he has written many original songs n also scripts poems and at the time he was working on writing a children’s book.  As an actor He has appeared in some big movies “James Bond” SPECTRE 2015, alongside Daniel Craig and Mark spent almost 6 months on and behind the scenes of the incredible Wonder Woman film with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine 2017.

Mark went on to star in the well-known Prince Documentaries “The Prince Story: Icon, Genius, Slave” Biopic “When Doves Cry” “The Last 24 Hours: Prince” (2019) and the Channel 5 TV series "Autopsy: The Last Hours of Prince" (2017) Mark reported to say how some scenes “were quite an emotional journey”.



An associated team, have decided to push a few smaller merchandise idea’s, T-Shirts, Posters, Cameo PVM n other smaller items online branded shop. While Mark is preparing to start promotion for the European and parts of USA tour. He is working on a script for an ongoing TV project; two possible feature films have shown interest in his abilities. We are extending his (CAMEO) “Personalised Video Messages” for when we tour, he is still developing “The Live Music Project” and adding “The Avocado Appeal”. Your donations are truly welcome and appreciated to keep the Funk Alive.


A fashion clothes line is in the making related to a secret project that we can’t talk about yet. Mark will tour his live show throughout Europe and USA, most of the UK, parts of Ireland and Scotland, honoring Prince’s legacy in a unique music show with special effects incorporating new technology.

He will perform many of Prince's greatest hits, such as "Kiss", "I Feel 4 U", "1999", "Purple Rain" and many more, in a way that you have never seen.

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